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GCH DC Saorsa FoPaw's Warp Factor Won SC CA BCAT TKA SGRC VBX

CH Cin-Jas Shane Come Back x BIF GCHB DC FoPaw's Touch of Evil at Saorsa RA SC CA TKP TDA MVB


Gage ticks a lot of boxes. He's got excellent breed type, moves soundly and effortlessly with a dead-level topline, and is a supreme athlete. He has proven to be an excellent lure courser, and racer, winning Best of Breed at all but one lure trial and every race meet in which he has competed. He is extremely sweet and loves all people. You are his new best friend!

Gage has good hips, normal elbows, normal patellas and is DNA clear for Fanconi and PRA-Night Blindness.

Accomplishments include:
-Winners/Best of Winners/Best Bred By at 2019 WVBC specialty

-BOB/BIF EBC Basenji Lure specialty

-#2 Basenji, LGRA racing 2023

-#8 ALL BREED, LGRA racng 2023
-#2 Basenji AKC Lure Coursing 2021
-#3 Basenji LGRA racing 2021

-Multiple NOHS Group placements

-Hound Group placing

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